Embedding SimpleViewer.net galleries in your web pages

The easiest way to embed a gallery in your own web page is to use an <iframe> tag. Put the iframe in your code at the point where you want the gallery to appear and set the iframe src attribute as the relative url from here to your gallery index file.

Choose View Source in your browser to see how it’s done in this page.

The galleries showing in this page are all managed by svManager. There is no need to move the galleries – leave them inside the svManager folder and set the iframe src as the relative url of the index.php file provided by svManager.

Note that this page and the embedded galleries are all on the same server. The technique will not work properly if the gallery is on a different server.

First, a SimpleViewer gallery

And now a TiltViewer gallery

I’ve kept this page very simple but of course you can add headers, footers, logos, navigation, or any other content in the normal manner. You can also embed AutoViewer and PostcardViewer galleries using the same technique.